Outsourced Tech for family office market

Truss Edge, a portfolio management technology specialist that works with ETFs and hedge funds, has now added a specialised family office service to its product suite. 

The customisable, and scalable solution draws on the company’s decades of experience servicing alternative investments and is designed to support the operational needs of private offices of all sizes.

The launch comes at the request of private offices and their service providers for an outsourced operational model that does not take time to install and which can accommodate many of the investments family offices typically deal with, including hedge funds, real estate, private equity and other non-fungible assets in addition to listed and OTC investments.

Truss Edge delivers front to back investing in private investments and is supported by deal tracking features for direct and co-investments. For marketable securities the platform provides a modern order and execution management feature (OMS). The Truss Edge family office solution includes a secure Operations As A Service (OaaS) model that comes with the support of the company’s team of highly experienced investment operations specialists.

The new service also provides a highly configurable reporting feature for family offices combined with complete accounting, a general ledger function (ABOR) and a portfolio management system (IBOR).

Jay Duffy, CEO of Truss Edge, says: “This is a cost-effective platform that can accommodate the needs of family offices of all sizes. We have become increasingly aware through our conversations with private offices in the US and around the world that there is a demand for an operations solution that is both cost-effective and meets the high demands, including security, required by big institutions.”

The Truss Edge technology service brings with it ongoing day to day support from a highly experienced team of securities professionals who can deliver an additional layer of consultancy for family offices where this is required.

Dave Shastri, Head of International Strategy at Truss Edge, adds: “We are in an environment where the operational demands being placed on even smaller private offices are becoming tougher all the time. Leveraging our technology, private offices can access a level of security and automation usually only enjoyed by much larger institutional investors. We are presenting the family office industry with a better, fully flexible way to run their investment management and reporting functions while still enjoying the high degree of configurability that Truss Edge can deliver.”

Truss Edge has been working with alternative investment funds for more than two decades. Its core technology has been developed specifically by fund managers to help them to meet their day to day automation and reporting needs. The technology is updated every month as Truss Edge clients submit requests for further functionality.