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EV Powered Urban Mobility Projects

Projects : EV powered Urban Mobility projects providing First & Last Mile Commuting Solutions in Polluting Cities across the world . Social impact : Low Cost Transportation, Promoting Clean Environment, No Fossil Fuel / Pollution, Carbon Free Environment. Suitable for : South Asia, India, Africa, LATAM, EMEA . Time to Launch : 3 to 6 months

HealthCare Innovation

Projects : Healthcare and Healthtech projects in areas of Remote Diagnostics, Preventive Care, Remote Surgery & Non-Invasive Testing. Social Impact : Low Cost Healthcare at impoverished countries. Suitable for : South Asia, Africa, Latam , EMEA Regions / Countries. Time Launch : 6 to 12 months.

Crypto / DeFI Projects

Projects : Blockchain based Crypto / DeFi projects are could be leveraged as part of the initiative of Tech Investing and the profit could be deployed for Social impact projects globally or reinvested for Wealth Generation. Suitable for : Crypto Friendly countries. Time to Launch : 3 to 6 months

Post Covid ERA Projects -Socially Impacting Lives of People – A non-profit organization advises NGOs / CSR Funds /Corporates / Family Offices to deploy funds over Socially impacting projects which are related to Carbon Emission Reduction, Pure Water Supply ( Via Solar powered desalination plants ) and Solar Roof-Top and Education & Healthcare for the Poor + globally significant ‘ Need of the hour – Humanity Essential’ projects.

Tokenized Vacation Hospitality Project - 'Digloos On The Wild'

Digloo Global Real Estate LLC – Nevis based Digloo Global Real Estate LLC. has launched the Digloo Real Estate Fund which is tokenized to receive Investment in crypto currencies from global investors. The fund invests in JV projects in the space of Vacation Hospitality across USA, Canada and Europe.

We raise fund from global investors via equity / tokens / fractional shares / NFTs

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